Vita gems are the alternative in game currency to Tree Food. You are able to purchase them to earn them easily, but there are also many free ways to earn them. You can use vita gems for many things, a majority of which are extremely useful.
Vita gems

Vita Gems!


Vita gems are used for many things including;

  • Growing your critters instantly, as opposed to waiting
  • Purchasing critters in the market
  • Upgrading Poppy's house
  • Purchasing plants for your branches
Vita gems x1000

1000 Vita Gems Picture!

Ways to Earn

You can earn vita gems through a variety of different ways. The main way is to purchase them, as it gets you high amount that can be spent on larger things. You can also earn them free by;

  • Critters may drop them every so often along with Tree Food
  • Discovering new critters gives you 1-5 vita gems
  • On adventures you may collect them
  • Watching videos
  • Gifting and receiving from neighbors