Treehorse Almanac

The Treehorse is a Rare Critter which can be bought from the Market , summoned by Poppy , or obtained through trading .

An ancient and magical creature, the Treehorse sprouted wings and took to the sky. Legend says that a mad witch created the animal.

Levels Food Production
Level 1 68/5 minutes
Level 2 102/5 minutes
Level 3 109/5 minutes
Level 4 167/5 minutes
Level 5

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This picture is doctored. Seahorses don't have wings.


  • The Treehorse is one of the first Rare Critters available.
  • The Treehorse seems to share many similarities with the Horsefly. They are both renditions of real animals with insect wings, both have "horse" in their name, they both like moss, and they are both Rare Critters available early on in the game.