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Tree World is a fun FREE game from The Playforge and is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
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Tree World sets itself apart with its unique social system, which emphasizes trading with neighbors to complete critter collections. Trades can be initiated by visiting a random player's tree or by connecting to real-life friends by entering their username or through Facebook Connect.

Grow a giant tree, collect over 60 different forest critters, customize your tree to keep your critters happy, show off your tree, and trade with friends! Download Tree World NOW for free through the App Store!

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Tree World encourages players, with the help of a friendly Tree Fairy named Poppy, to grow a tree as tall as possible and populate it by growing various plants on each branch and then placing critters on those branches. The critters produce Tree Food which can be used to further grow your tree and add additional branches. Players are able to collect the many different types of critters with the help of Poppy, by purchasing them from the market using Tree Food or Vita Gems, and through trading with other players.