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The Polar Bear is a Legendary Critter that can be obtained from the new "Adventure" or via Trading.

  • Name - Polar Bear
  • Type - Critter
  • Likes - Fruit
  • Dislikes - Moss
  • Rarity - Legendary
  • Forest Layer - Forest Floor
  • Market Price - N/A
  • Scientific Name - Ursus maritimus

These enormous bears are adorable as babies, but you don't want to mess with them when they get bigger! People often depicting polar bears and penguins together, but they actually can only be found on the opposite sides of the Earth from each other.

Levels Food Production
Level 1 1196/ 8hours
Level 2 [Fill in] / 8hours
Level 3 [Fill in] / 8hours
Level 4 3110/ 8hours