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The Critter Adventure loading screen

The Critter Adventure is an RPG-style minigame in Tree World. The goal of the game is to rescue the stolen Critter from the evil Gnome King with the help of Poppy and your Critters without losing all of your HP.

When you either win or lose Critter Adventure, you can't play again until 6 hours, unless you use 12 Vita Gems to speed it up.

Your HP

Your HP is a number that shows the condition of your Critters. If it gets to zero, Critter Adventure is over. Your HP increases by 1 with every critter added to your tree.

How to Play

You start out in one of two stages- Forest or Desert. First, pick one of the two paths in front of you to travel down. You will either encounter an obstacle or a treasure chest. There will be three fights or chests before the boss fight with Gnome King. If you encounter an obstacle, you have to fight it. A wheel of numbers will start spinning. Tap to stop the wheel. The number will only go as high as your HP bar is. If your number is higher than the obstacle's number and the obstacle's number is lower than your current HP, you defeat the obstacle and win a prize of Tree Food or Vita Gems. Be aware that the obstacle's number gets subtracted from your HP.

If you find a treasure chest, pick three chests to win prizes and go on.

When you reach the last area, you have to fight Gnome King. If you beat him, the Critter is rescued and is sent to your Den.

Tiring Out

If your HP gets down to zero, your Critters become too tired to go on. You can use 8 Vita Gems to revive them, but if you don't, the game is over. (You still get to keep all the Tree Food and Vita Gems you won.)

Adventure-only Critters

The following Critters can only be obtained through Critter Adventure. All of them are Legendary.


Barn Owl



Polar Bear



Obstacles are the enemies that get in your way in Critter Adventure. There are many different kinds of obstacles, all of which are displayed below. Most obstacles are based off of natural objects like plants and rocks. The exceptions are the Statue Head and the Scarecrow.